7-Eleven Opens First Drive-Thru Evolution Store in Dallas

In celebration of 7-Eleven's two year success run with popular South Texas taco food-chain, Laredo Taco Company, the two have joined forces again to launch the company's first drive-thru Evolution store.

The drive-thru restaurant, with indoor seating as well, shares space with the newest 7‑Eleven Evolution Store – the third such store in Dallas and the sixth in the country.

At the new Laredo Taco Company drive-thru, taco fans can now order a Slurpee drink with their meal in a single stop, which is also a first for the iconic 7‑Eleven beverage. If breakfast is too early for a Slurpee drink, customers can choose a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. Hot or iced coffee and espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos are also available. Other beverage choices include aguas frescas, fountain drinks, iced tea, as well as Topo Chico sparkling mineral water and other bottled and canned drinks such as water, juice, energy and sports drinks. All told, drive-thru customers can choose from over 30 beverages and even more food options and combinations.

"This is delicious news for customers of both 7‑Eleven and Laredo Taco Company," said Chris Tanco, 7–Eleven executive vice president and chief operating officer. "7‑Eleven is known as a beverage destination, and Laredo Taco Company makes some of the best quick-serve Mexican food anywhere. Throw in the convenience of grabbing a taco paired with a Slurpee drink through a drive-thru, and it's a match made in heaven."

7‑Eleven acquired the Laredo Taco Company restaurants along with Stripes® convenience stores in South Texas as part of the 1,000-store acquisition from Sunoco in 2018.




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