A Detailed Look at Apple's AirTags + Specs

Apple’s long-awaited AirTag has finally arrived, letting you add the company’s Find My technology to just about anything you own.

Dubbed AirTag, the small circular tag will allow you to track items within Apple’s “Find My” app on iOS. Much like Tile, Apple’s AirTags will be useful for tracking items like keys or wallets, and you’ll be provided with notifications when you’re separated from your item.

The AirTag itself is a small puck-like device that includes a built-in speaker, accelerometer, Bluetooth LE, and a user-replaceable battery. Apple says the tracker should last for a year of battery life, and you can use an NFC tap to activate a lost mode.

Apple has also created leather loop and key ring accessories that the AirTag can slot into, and the company is also working with accessory makers to create luggage tag enclosures for the AirTag itself.

AirTags will show up in Apple’s Find My app, and the app will play a sound on the tracker when you attempt to locate an item. Each AirTag is also equipped with Apple’s U1 chip that uses Ultra Wideband technology, sound, and haptic feedback to guide people more precisely to where an item is located.

AirTags don’t store any location data or location history inside the physical device, and Apple says it’s using end-to-end encryption for the communications between an AirTag and the Find My network.




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