adidas Adds Velcro Patches To This Customizable Superstar

One of the most malleable silhouettes in the adidas roster, the Superstar has seen a number of distinct designs ever since the first day of its anniversary celebration. Among Human Made etchings, a special reflective make-up by atmos, and even a cut by Jonah Hill, the silhouette has expanded its own general releases with much more than its typical monochromatic offerings. Dressed in white leathers and bright red detailing, the pair here brings along an eclectic addition: velcro backing. Reupholstered onto the entire heel counter, the adhesive material gives way to multiple options; you can leave it blank for a more versatile aesthetic or attach the adidas-covered heart, the signature trefoil, or the finger heart popularized in South Korea. Grab a detailed look at this pair, and while it’s set to release in Asia on August 6th, it’s unclear if a stateside launch will coincide.



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