adidas Adds Visual Upgrades To The NMD R1 With Golden Overlayadidas Adds Visual Upgrades To The NMD

Avid followers of the sneaker landscape know that the NMD R1 has become that of a staple within the Three Stripes family, and rightfully so considering the infinite amount of colors, collaborations, and materials that the lifestyle silhouette has taken on since its inception. But fear not, as the adidas design team makes strides in keeping the Nomad runners fresh with new features, including its newer color-blocking methods that we have seen making a few appearances within the past few weeks. This is noticeable in its latest style which involves an upgrade to its visual aesthetic via metallic exteriors featured on its Boost cushioning. Paired with the patriotic themes that are comprised of its minimally designed angelic white/grey upper comes traditional NMD blocks dyed in red and blue, followed by the biggest attention grabber through its midsoles that now usher in a golden overlay. Be on the lookout for these to be dropping on and select Trefoil retailers in the coming weeks, and check out detailed images here below while you wait on their arrival.



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