adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Holiday Release Preview

Moving on from their release-filled summer, adidas Yeezy is now looking forward to the holiday season with three pre-prepped colorways showing off a presentation more imaginative than the Yeezy Boost 350 v2 has seen in its lengthy lifespan. While once dressing up in Frozen Yellows and Black/Reds, the pair’s upcoming months have it donning a Carnage-esque make-up straight from the Spider-Man comics, a full glow-in-the-dark beaming as if of radioactive nature, and a floral make-up of smooth yet saturated lavenders.

The first, dubbed the “Yecheil” is the most neutral of the bunch — which says a lot about the rest — tapping black threads at its base and bold warm tones across its upper half. Soles match the dark shade much like how the second “Yeezreel” colorway does with its bright greens. Seeing much of the tone throughout its Primeknit upper, this pair is closest to line-up standards though its modifications leave little to be desired thanks to its brightening enhancements and dark, contrast threads intermingled throughout the weave. Last, though easily the strongest in terms of vibrancy, the “Yeshaya” is straight out of a coloring book with pastel purples taking up elements that would usually see more flat earth tones. Yellows color block at both the toes and heel with greys adding a slight note of balance to what would otherwise be a bit overloaded.

Grab a look at each right here and stay tuned for their releases in the next couple months. Both the “Yecheil” and the “Yeezreel” will be hitting retailers and come December while the “Yeshaya” will then follow in January 2020.



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