'Also Moonstar' Flagship Store by Toru Shimokawa

Updated: Aug 30

Toru Shimokawa Architects celebrates Japanese Craftsmanship in ‘Also Moonstar’, theflagship store of shoe manufacturer, Moonstar company, Infukuoka. The interior of the shop combines the craft of a carpenter, plasterer and gardener, resulting in an assembly of materials that honor the company’s philosophy. Established in 1873, Moonstar has been producing shoes at its own factory in Kurume, Fukuoka, ever since.

After a visit to the Moonstar Factory, Toru Shimokawadecided to honor the memory of the hundreds of craftsmen that made shoes there within the architecture of the company’s flagship store.‘It was superficial to express the physical element which I felt at the factory for the store directly,’ notes the Japanese architect,‘so I thought that I would need to make a space to express its scene spiritually.’

Fragments of the factory are translated into textures, surfaces, and pieces of furniture within the store, such the roller conveyor, which becomes a display table for the shoes. Using the techniques of a carpenter, plasterer and gardener, Shimokawa has reinterpreted Moonstar’s sincere craftsmanship inside the space. Several materials are combined together, including wood, stone, plaster, and concrete, all created by craftsmen with time and effort.



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