Berner Announces "Cookies Christmas Party 2020" in San Fransisco

It's been a remarkable year for Taylor Gang's signee Berner, also the founder and CEO of Cookies Cannabis company and things might have just gotten even more exclusive.

Literally dominating the culture with his massive wave of clothing and lifestyle empire called Cookies, Gilbert Milam has definitely been perceived as California's most interesting man. Attracting more than half the state tourists to at least one of the many flagship cannabis stores owned by the rapper, Cookies has already became an evolutionary asset to streetwear and its culture.

After recently collaborating with rapper Rick Ross on an all-out exclusive strain, then opening a few more flagship locations, the Cookies CEO announced today he's hosting the first ever, 'Cookies Christmas Party.'

Although no specific details have been released on the upcoming gala, stay tuned to THEREWXNDZ as we'll keep you updated as more develops.



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