Beyonce’s IVY PARK To Release Two adidas Nite Jogger Collaborations

IVY PARK, whose every mention sparked buzz at the tail end of last year as well as earlier this week, is arguably the most exciting set of releases from adidas yet, possibly growing to sub-label size in the vein of Stella McCartney or Yohji Yamamoto and Kanye himself. Still early on, however, and also a little ways out from its inaugural launch, the collection has only recently revealed its entire hand, of which the Nite Jogger plays a part in two distinct variations.

The first, of sultry hues and neon accents, is much more familiar and very obviously related to the Ultra Boost that appeared this morning; orange plays a much larger role here, though, opting out of an all-over execution for one split at its toe in nod to some iconic runners of the past. Dipped from its forefoot up to the vamp, the palette switches suddenly at the seams with the break mimicked at the Boost — the second set of laces then wrap along the ankle in the darker option while the lighter string across the tongue fasten with a black-dyed toggle. In departure — as everything differs drastically save for the laces — the accompanying pair prefers lighter whites and cream pigments, turning the palette luxe via color instead of wildly high quality materials or jeweled embellishements.

Grab a detailed look at both Beyonce‘s forthcoming releases here and expect to see the at select retailers as well as on January 18th.




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