Brent Faiyaz Delivers New Song "Dead Man Walking"

Back in February, Brent Faiyaz delivered his thoughtfully somber and vulnerable Fuck the World EP consisting of 10 tracks that built on solid singles like “Rehab (Winter in Paris)” and “Fuck the World (Summer in London)”. Today he returns with his latest song “Dead Man Walking.”

There have been hints of a Fuck the World (Deluxe) version circulating for the past few months and while the status of that extended release is still unknown, “Dead Man Walking” should hold you over until (and if) it does ultimately drop. The new song features production by himself, Jordan Ware, frequent collaborator Dpat and Lil Rece. There’s a callback to Drake’s viral hit “Toosie Slide” — “Drop the roof and let the smoke clear/ I got diamonds doin’ Toosie Slides in both ears.” The cinematic instrumentation opens with high-pitched orchestra strings, the perfect backing for Faiyaz’s brand of toxic R&B as he sings about spending tens-of-thousands on private rooms but ultimately not trusting the women he wants to open up to.

Stream “Dead Man Walking” below.



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