Brent Faiyaz Wrote An Anthem For You & Your Crew With "Lost Kids Get Money"

Brent Faiyaz' newly-released sophomore album may be titled F**k The World, but it's not filled with nihilism. It's not your average Sad Boy R&B record. The Maryland singer lays lows, and looks after himself and those closest to him. This is a prominent theme on F**k The World. When he isn't dropping new tunes, you don't hear much from him. Most headlines involving Brent Faiyaz concern his fierce commitment to remaining independent and preserving his creative freedom. He just provided us with a bunch of anthems about keeping your priorities straight, "Lost Kids Get Money" being one of them.

Faiyaz feels himself on here and it's hard for the listener not to feel the same when bopping along. "Lost Kids Get Money" is the most vibrant track on F**k The World. It celebrates getting the bag, which is never a solitary endeavour for Faiyaz. He leverages connections to secure opportunities for his whole team - the Lost Kids imprint. He asserts this ethos in the lyrics quoted below, sung in a trap cadence with his airy vocals.



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