Buck Mason’s New Light Denim Wash Line Brings the Fade

Buck Mason operates on the philosophy that “the best dressed man is the one whose character is apparent in the way he wears his jeans.” Their new Light Denim Wash line provides ample opportunity to prove your character in style and comfort.

Everything that Buck Mason has to offer from its California-based operations is hand made—from their shirts and sweaters to their pants. “The garments we design aren’t meant to be different,” says the company’s website, “they’re simply meant to be perfect.” When it comes to the Light Denim Wash jeans, that meant perfecting the three categories of denim “wash” – how realistic the fade looks, the depth of the colour, and the overall softness of the material. When you look at the Buck Mason denim, you’ll see the highs and lows of the indigo dye that show up around seams and other parts, as well as the ridges. You’ll also notice subtle whiskering, honeycomb, and stack fades. What will really attract your attention, however, is just how comfortable the jeans are. The ultimate goal is to get the denim to feel like 50-year-old clothing that has been so thoroughly broken in that it is an absolute pleasure to put on.

The denim is offered in two styles of pants—Maverick Slim and Ford Standard—as well as in a Chambray Work Shirt, a Denim Two Pocket Field Shirt, and a Chambray Short Sleeve One Pocket Shirt. Finally, you can also get the same denim in the French-inspired Chore Jacket. Prices range from USD$105 to $155.

“Erik and I started Buck Mason with the single goal of creating updated, modern American classics for daily wear—elevated essentials you don’t have to think twice about, that look better over time, and feel seamless with how you live your daily life,” says Sasha Koehn, who founded Buck Mason with Erik Allen Ford. For the new Light Denim Wash Line, the pair have definitely lived up to that original vision




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