Cardi B's New Balenciaga Campaign Graces Louvre Museum Exterior

Cardi B‘s fondness for Balenciaga is well-documented, from the namedrop in “I Like It” to the many times the rapper has been spotted sporting the luxury house. Finally, that love has been reciprocated; to kick off its Winter 2020 campaign, Balenciaga has enlisted Cardi to star in the debut image.

“Limited by a lockdown of epic proportions, the Winter 20 campaign images are self-styled and self-produced by Balenciaga’s far-reaching network of friends, connected through their screens while isolated at home,” the brand explained in a press release. You wouldn’t know it from looking at the slick imagery, however, which sees Cardi wearing a seasonal slinky dress and reclining on a bed of green grass, accompanied by a spread of children’s toys and Balenciaga’s Neo Classic handbag.

To commemorate the partnership, Balenciaga has placed the image on the exterior of the Louvre, a fittingly stirring placement for the landmark collaboration. Expect further campaign imagery to include friend of the brand Eliza Douglas and quirky imagery in line with Balenciaga’s Instagram presence, all centered around the theme of comfort within confinement.



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