Chime Bank Underheat After Being Accused of Stealing Customer's Money

American technology neobank company Chime is accused of stealing a long-term customer's money after an online purchase was canceled but never returned to the account.

An estimated 5 million people use the online bank Chime. One customers contacted THEREWXNDZ Team after noticing hundreds of dollars disappeared.

"We're in the middle of a pandemic so it's a lot I could be doing with my $500," said Lachrista Santellana of Dallas, Texas.

"I get alerts every time I spend something and luckily I had the alerts on, because I wouldn't have had any proof of the transactions," said Santellana.

She said money was mysteriously moved from her checking after making a purchase at Best Buy, which then got canceled but was never returned to her account.

"I communicated with Best Buy and Chime as soon as notice the money was in my account and then gone, even the initial transaction" she said.

Santellana said she disputed the transactions with Chime and has since filled out a police report, but was told that she may have to wait 45 days for an investigation.

"I'm calling them, I'm crying on the phone, I even left work. I felt betrayed, robbed" Santellana said.

Just last September Chicago resident Jasabella Clark disputed a transfer of $1,400 from her Chime bank account to a different bank. "I was trying to check my bank balance while I was on my way back home and I couldn't log in. I told the manager, I said that I didn't authorize that transfer, I can't even get into my account so that is just impossible," Clark said. "Then the manager escalated me up to a specialist, and the specialist just gave me a dispute form via email, and she told me to file a police report. So that's what I did."

In documents Lachrista Santellana shared with us, Chime said the refund could take up to five business days to return to her account, and after those five days passed Chime stated that no error occurred and maybe she spent the money somewhere else.

"I was upset. I was furious, I just felt like everything was rushed and the account representatives where just telling me anything to get me off the phone, I felt like I wasn't been taking seriously," said Santellana.

"So now I'm just at a lost for $500 and Chime basically can't help me...., if I can't trust my bank with my money then who can I trust," Lachrista said.

THEREWXNDZ has reached out to Chime bank about her case in regards to these accusations but Chime has also failed to respond to our team of editors.




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