City Girls: Yung Miami reveals she’s pregnant and it is what it is

City Girls rapper Yung Miami revealed on Tuesday (June 11) that she's pregnant with her second child, her first with producer Southside. 

The announcement was first captured in the outtakes for the City Girls documentary, Point Blank Period. She could be heard talking to a member of her record label, Quality Control on the phone while fighting back tears and acknowledging that the pregnancy could put a strain on her career. 

Despite her feelings in the video, Yung Miami told her Instagram followers that her pregnancy will be another way for her to prove her doubters wrong. She wrote, "Everybody doubted me and said I shouldn’t be rapping and that I wouldn’t be able to hold the group down while JT was away but I did just that and then some, to the point that you all have made this experience as an rapper so fulfilling that I cannot wait to show more of what I really have in store for my fans." 

Yung Miami added, "I did everything they said I couldn’t because that’s just the type of woman I am and going to continue to be. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and life changing, so I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the City Girls! This is my personal life and it is what it is! PERIOD." 



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