Drake and Future are teasing something called “Life Is Good”

Back in 2015, Drake and Future got together to record the collaborative album What A Time To Be Alive — a pretty solid piece of music, even if it was a relatively minor work from both of them. A year after that, Drake and Future toured together. At the time, it felt like Drake was doing everything he could to appropriate the buzz around Future, who was coming off of a frankly unbelievable mixtape run. Future has stayed plenty active since then, and he secured a place for himself on the list of the last decade’s most important rappers, but he’s not in the same world-conqueror spot anymore. Drake, on the other hand, still is. So it’s cool to see that Drake is apparently getting back together with Future for something, though we don’t yet know what that thing is.

As The FADER points out, Drake posted an image on his Instagram story over the weekend: Something about him and Future coming out with something called “Life Is Good.” (There’s a five-minute timer at the bottom of the screen, which would seem to suggest a single track rather than a full album, but who knows.) “Life Is Good” is more of a Drake sentiment than a Future one, but Future’s name comes first. Go ahead and parse it below.



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