Errol Spence Jr Welcomes His Newborn Son, Errol III

Welterweight Champion Errol Spence Jr. and longtime girlfriend Ashra welcomed their first child together in latest Insta-snap post late last night.

The American boxer made the announcement alongside a picture of the newborn baby boy quoting, "finally got my boy 👶🏾❤️ Errol Dallas 10•28•20" the champ wrote on Instagram:

Fans flooded the couple's social media accounts with warm heart filled welcoming and praises, as well as the couple sneaking in their own, delighted shots of the handsome newborn.

Spence only has a brief moment to enjoy the new fatherly-experience before he returns back into the wring for another 'Man Down' showcase against the infamous Danny Garcia in the Unified Welterweight Title match scheduled for DEC. 5.



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