First Look At Beyonce’s IVY PARK x adidas Ultra Boost

Teased even further this week, Beyonce‘s Ivy Park is growing to be something of a spectacle in terms of its scale, neither wholly sticking to one polished gun or a shotgun spread of different models. Instead, for a much more foundational approach, the three-piece footwear range spotlighted its standout — the modified and Queen-approved Samba — with supporting roles from both the Nite Jogger and Ultra Boost: the latter finally seen here. Constructed of its standard Primeknit fabrications and glossy cages, the pair, on the outside, seems to mostly adhere to the status quo, but in its palette and smaller embellishments, it’s unequivocally of the same themes. Maroon and orange inform the entire colorway, lying in close connection to the tracksuit sets of dark base and warm tone accents, while the removable hang tab connected to the spiral lace at the heel spells out the collection in bold, all-caps text. Grab a good look at one of the offerings on the way and expect to see it at select retailers and come January 18th.



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