First Look at The Scorpion-Style Gaming Chair Moves Like an Arachnid

We’ve all seen plenty of ridiculous gaming rigs before, like this beast that costs north of $30,000. But the Cluvens “Zero Gravity” Esports gaming chair shown below definitely sticks out for its design. Although it may also stick in somebody, because it looks—and moves—like a scorpion. And no, it’s not venomous, but there are a lot of sharp edges.

Cluvens, a company based in Zhejiang, China, currently has the scorpion gaming chair up for sale on Alibaba. And while the chair’s price really stings at $1,900 (plus the arm and metasoma it would cost to ship), the piece of furniture is a work of art. Or at the very least something that would earn a Keanu Reeves’ whoa from your friends.

Cluvens notes the recliner takes on the shape of a “Scorpion King,” is “super comfortable,” and can recline up to 170 degrees. The chair can also support one ultra-wide monitor (49 inches in size) or three 27-inch curved monitors. While the chair’s electric, it seems the “tail” of the scorpion gaming chair requires manual operation

For those of you looking at this Zero Gravity Scorpion King seat and thinking it feels familiar, you’re not alone. Because a ton of people have already pointed out on Twitter that the chair looks just like J.P.’s from Grandma’s Boy. So much so that the chair apparently was the impetus for the movie’s trending on the social media site.



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