Gucci Mane and Jeezy Set to Take Stage In Next Verzuz Battle

After declining Jeezy's initial request, Gucci Mane has agreed to take the stage with the ATL rapper on the next VERZUZ Battle.

The beef between Mane and Jeezy goes back to 2005 when the two first collaborated on the track, 'Icy'. Jeezy believed it would feature on his debut album, 'Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101', but instead, it landed on Mane's first independent album, 'Trap House'. Jeezy later claimed he was not paid for the song and eventually claimed he put a bounty on Mane's head via the song, 'Stay Strapped', following which the two engaged in a war of words through subsequent songs. The falling out and subsequent war have resulted in some of the world's greatest diss tracks out.

Giving the long controversial history between the two Atlanta stars, this no doubt could be the most influential moment hip-hop's culture has ever endured; especially since no one ever saw this coming. The appearance will not only just be an influential moment but will also remark the first time the two rappers being in the same vicinity since 2005.

Peep Gucci Mane's official post below.



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