'Island' is a driverless social-distancing tram designed for hong kong

Designer Andrea Ponti has introduced ‘island’, a double-decker driverless tram for the city of Hong Kong in the post COVID-19 era. The innovative project is based on the concept of social distancing, and it incorporates industrial , transportation, public, urban design mobility and sustainability.

‘Island’ by Andrea Ponti takes its name after the innovative design of the interior, where large circular benches facilitate social distancing and passengers sit facing outwards in a radial pattern. Meanwhile, the exterior design is inspired by the local urban landscape, which features vast surfaces of glass and rounded-corner buildings. Natural light floods the interiors during the day through the curved windows and a domed top, which also provide awe-inspiring views at night.

The driverless technology optimizes the interior space of the tram, making it easier to manage travel times and increase onboard safety. The tram has a retractable connector for rapid charging at tram stops. large vertical led enhance visibility in all weather conditions. the interior features minimalist design, charcoal black walls, soft circular seating, wooden floors and trims with natural finish all create a neutral and friendly environment. This chromatic diversity, in addition to the dark color palette, frames and accentuates the beauty of urban Hong Kong.

The project also includes team stop design, with the structure having a sleek, simple look. Being open on both sides, it facilitates a linear, orderly flow of people and a healthier environment. The graphics guide passengers through the boarding and payment process, made by octopus card, before boarding. this streamlines the boarding procedure and optimizes the available space inside.



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