Jon Fields Shares ‘Riot’ to Continue the Fight for Justice and Change

Bursting back onto the scene in 2020, Mississippi Hip-Hop artist JonFields is no stranger to the industry and has spent years establishing himself amongst the best in the business. Having worked alongside Mick Jagger, Childish Major, and Dr Dre’s Aftermath team, Jonhas more knowledge of the industry than most. Jon uses this knowledge and experience to deliver ‘Riot’, an encapsulating, powerful piece of art which demonstrates his commitment and passion for music through every word he sings.


Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Jon Fields was born into a musical family. From a young age Jon decided to dedicate himself wholly to music. With Mississippi’s traditional influences coming from blues, gospel, and soul, Jon opted to use hip-hop as the lane in which he could express himself most – with childhood influences being Outkast, Mystikal, DMX, and Nas.

Jon spent his teenage years learning music production, and upon college graduation, he released his first mixtape entitled The Voice of The Crooked – an attempt to establish himself as a leader and serious voice from Mississippi. It wasn’t until Jon followed his dream to LA that he found himself around music industry royalty, working with the likes of Mick Jagger, Glen Ballard, Dave Stewart, Anna Vissi, and more. Determined to prove that he belonged, Jon worked alongside industry heavy weights to fully produce, write, and master his first release –Invincible. During the release of Invincible, Jon had the opportunity to spend time in London, where he performed at the famed Victoria House with Nadirah X, leading to their collaborative project Mr. and Mrs. the EP. The EP saw support from Huffington Post and LA Weekly. After this, Jon decided to move to Atlanta, where he found himself around Ludacris’ DTP outfit, being taken in by Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon. It was also at this time when Jon met Dr Dre’s Aftermath team.

Following his time in Atlanta, Jon decided to go back to his roots and returned to Mississippi. It was this time at home that lit a fire inside Jon and sparked his musical creativity. Jon once again packed his bags for Los Angeles, but with a renewed sound and focus – the beginnings of this new sound and focus can be heard in Riot. Jon is dead set on infiltrating the musical landscape with an overall goal to captivate and inspire a global audience –with Riot and each release to follow, he will do just that.

Speaking more on the release, Jon explained: Born out of a necessity for personal change, Riot is a song about the decision to look within one’s self, conjuring up the courage to seek change in the ever-enduring conquest of becoming one’s best self, and taking action. Growing up in Mississippi, I pulled from the heaviest influences of both Gospel and Blues to help convey passion in the delivery as well as a sense of timelessness in concept. I used the stomps and the backing hum to harken back to the negro spirituals as that time spoke a great deal of beauty in sound and expression born out of great struggle, pain, and burden – which is analogous to the song’s purpose – as well as the earliest beginnings of the formation of the sound of Soul which has influenced music as currently as today. Riot stands for impact, belief, change, and above all, love and inspired action.



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