Lil Yachty Announces a Collaborative REESE'S PUFFS Cereal Box

Just over a month after debuting his REESE’S PUFFS rap at a virtual concert, Lil Yachty has announced the next phase in his collaboration with the brand. A limited-edition cereal box, designed by the artist, will soon be available at grocery stores across the U.S. and Canada for $3.99 USD.

Lil Yachty spoke to HYPEBEAST ahead of the drop about his childhood memories of the cereal, the process of writing his REESE’S PUFFS rap and why this collaborative box is one of his favorite projects yet.

Were REESE’S PUFFS something that you enjoyed growing up?

Yeah of course. Growing up REESE’S PUFFS was the cereal that was always in the house. And as far as I can remember the commercials just always felt, like, more in tune with the culture I grew up around. And of course I didn’t ever think I’d have my own box. But growing up and it being a cereal that was always in house — a cereal we ate — is like a super cool and crazy accomplishment. Arguably the craziest thing I’ve done, and I’ve done so many things in my career. I have so many accomplishments I’m so proud of. But I was telling someone today this is probably the coolest thing I’ve done thus far.

How so?

I don’t think it’s just an everyday thing you see, like, a rapper on a cereal box, you know? I eat cereal every day, so it’s just gonna be cool to see it — like my face in the cereal aisle.

There were a few different REESE’S PUFFS commercials that came out in the 2000s and 2010s. Do you have stand-out memories of any in particular?

Definitely “REESE’S PUFFS, REESE’S PUFFS, peanut butter chocolate flavor.” That’s the one when I was coming into teenage [years] that I really, really remember.

How was the experience of writing your own REESE’S PUFFS song? Were there things you wanted to take from the original into your own twist?

No, nothing. I didn’t want it to sound nothing like the original, because it’s such a different day in music. I definitely didn’t want it to sound like anything that was done before. I wanted to do my own thing with it. Of course, I’ve heard them and I listened to them, but I didn’t wanna follow in any of the footsteps. I definitely wanted to be completely me.

Can you walk through your process for designing the cereal box?

Some of my really good friends who work on my design team, all of my creatives, first we did a photoshoot because we wanted to have original photos to work with. And we just tried to think of a really cool way. Of course we went to a sh*t ton of designs before we finally got to this one. I think we had our brains pretty overloaded with ideas. So we had to just find one that made the most sense and looked coolest and flowed, we came up with this one. And it has my name on it. To have my name on it is also really cool.

Is there anything else that you would want people to know about this project, from your perspective, from the creative perspective? Because as you said this is such an exciting project for you.

This isn’t like miniscule, this is really major. It’ll be everywhere, everywhere, you know. And everyone grocery shops, from your grandmother to your nephew and niece and everyone. So it’s just, it’s super cool. I love anytime I’m doing anything that’s led by my workspace and interest in something. I always have fun doing that.

It’s really exciting to see.

I think so too. I collect toys and I collect very rare Coke cans, I collect all kind of things. So this is like a really cool collectible I would say — not only just for me, but just for people who like to collect.




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