Louis Vuitton x Nigo: All the LV² collection pieces dropping this 26 June

It's finally here. The Louis Vuitton x Nigo collaboration collection—known simply as LV2, that's 'Louis Vuitton Squared'—will be dropping in two waves. And the first drop will be this Friday, 26 June.

This may quite possibly be the most anticipated Louis Vuitton collaboration yet. The French maison has not conceptualised a collaboration of this scale and magnitude since the phenomenally successful Supreme collaboration back in 2017 (overseen by then-artistic director Kim Jones). And this is Virgil Abloh's first big collaboration for Louis Vuitton since joining the maison in 2018. There's undoubtedly a lot of expectation for LV2 and with what we've seen so far, it's hard not to want to cop something from this collection.

First and foremost, Nigo is no stranger to anyone who's a fan of Japanese fashion and streetwear. Other than being a DJ, Nigo is also known for being the creator of A Bathing Ape, and more recently, Human Made. Abloh has credited Nigo as being one of his earliest mentors in streetwear and fashion design. LV2 however, isn't strictly as streetwear as one would expect from Abloh or Nigo.

The collection bears no Human Made logo in any of the pieces. The only two allusion to Nigo's brand is the duck motif that's been dubbed the 'LV Made' duck—a reference to Human Made's signature but done in Louis Vuitton's stylings—as well as a new LV2 logo that makes use of Human Made's script. The focus is on creating new silhouettes that are familiar, but different in terms of execution and treatments.

Central to the collection is the combination of two Louis Vuitton hallmarks—the Damier check and the LV Monogram. The former is blown up to giant proportions and coupled with the Monogram in wave-like stitchings. These act as unique style lines on denim jackets, as well as the LV2 collection's series of accessories, including the now-emblematic Louis Vuitton soft trunk.

Abloh isn't trying to recreate the aesthetic of Louis Vuitton's collaboration with Supreme; this is entirely different. It's less streetwear married with luxury, and more of a creative endeavour that pushes the already well-known signatures of Louis Vuitton to something new and exciting.

The first wave of the LV2 collection will be available in Louis Vuitton boutiques and online from Friday, 26 June.



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