Marc Jacobs Releases a Polysexual Collection, Heaven

Marc Jacobs just dropped a new collection that celebrates polysexuality. (For those not familiar with the queer identity, a polysexual person is someone who attracted to multiple genders and identities.) Titled "Heaven," the collection draws on teenage daydreams, alienation nation, queer youth, candy ravers, apocalypse sugar, and toxic shock valley girls (to name a few) while paying tribute to the films of the new queer pioneer Gregg Araki, the plushy sculptures of Mike Kelley, and artist Cindy Sherman. The items are not aimed for a specific gender identity, rather leaving it up to the shopper to decide what is right for them.

This is on par with Marc Jacobs' messaging for his audience, which draws upon the designer's past themes exploring subversion, girls who are boys and boys who are girls, those who are neither, and other multifaceted characters in the Marc Jacobs universe. In the past, the designer has spoken out about gender fluidity in all spaces from fashion to beauty: He has championed men wearing makeup, spoken out about being boxed in by labels and identifications, and is a proud feminist. In the Marc Jacobs world, you can be whoever you want and ignore societal norms of what's expected

The "Heaven" collection is a celebration of individuality and enigmatic personalities in all forms.

The campaign was shot by Larissa Hofmann and styled by Danielle Emerson. Up and coming stars such as Iris Law, Jyrrel Roberts, Vegyn, fashion darling Lily McMenany, and more are featured in the ads. Meanwhile,Shoichi Aoki, creator of legendary street style bible FRUiTS, created the Marc Jacobs look book. Best of all, the "Heaven" line hits at an affordable price point. Shop the new releases at labels official website.




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