Marie Troitskaia Creates Delicious Desserts Inspired by Famous Architects

From the simple geometry of Le Corbusier to Tadao Ando’s characteristic use of concrete, Marie Troitskaia has sculpted a series of mouth-watering cakes inspired by renowned architects. The desserts reinterpret not only the style of the famous architects, but they also taste like their home country. For example, the alvar aalto dessert looks like his famous vase and also tastes like finland: blueberries and fresh cream. while the Tadao Ando dessert infuses japanese flavors: yuzu lemon, black sesame and matcha.

The 25 year old, Moscow born Marie Troitskaia is a certified architect with diplomas from both Moscow and Paris. however, in 2012 she changed careers and began creating these architectural desserts, which look almost too good to eat. A couple of years ago Troitskaia created her most complicated cake – an exact, and edible, copy of the centre pompidou at a scale of 1:500. the cake was created for a performance in conjunction with a parisian architectural school.

The cakes mark a fusion of Maria Troitskaia’s two passions: architecture and confectionery. ‘For me, pastry is an art object. before creating each cake, I create sketches, make models in 3D max and draw details in archiCAD. Architecture and confectionery are the two main parts of my life. Thanks to these two completely different professions I was able to create my own style of desserts, explains troitskaia. All of the exquisite desserts are created for an architectural pastryshop, which troitskaia plans to open in the future.



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