Meet the brains behind the most influential streetwear brand and what to expect for streetwear 2020

The man behind the influential streetwear brand, Off-White, and, more recently, the creative head of Louis Vuitton men’s, Abloh has shared his intake on streetwear brands for 2020 and upcoming.

Literally dominating the fashion industry for almost a decad, it’s safe to say Virgil Abloh knows a thing or two when it comes down to what the people want.

Recently linking up with Dazed before the 2019 year ended, in which he said streetwear was "definitely" going to die and that "its time will be up" in the upcoming year. 

"I decided if 'streetwear' was gonna be the sign of the times, I was gonna define it rather than be defined by it," Abloh told Dazed in the recent interview. "I needed to do a show to define what 'streetwear' could be, and do it with urgency, you know."

Classic streetwear is rooted in hip-hop and skating culture, as noted by Elle UK. It has always been around and has had its brief moments in the fashion spotlight. However, this past decade, the streetwear movement definitively took off and shifted the entire fashion landscape.  But Abloh says it's all coming to an end now, and he isn't the only one in fashion who believes that. In an interview with Business Insider, Julia von Boehm, the celebrity stylist and fashion director at InStyle, expressed similar sentiments.  "[Streetwear is] done," she said. "The counter-reaction of society is that now everything is very classic and reflects the past more than the future. I do feel that the past right now is something that is reassuring, because nobody knows what's in the future." 

Boehm predicts that classic and good quality wardrobe pieces will be the big trend next year, which is similar to what Abloh said in his interview with Dazed when he predicted a return to vintage fashion.

"We're gonna hit this like, really awesome state of expressing your knowledge and personal style with vintage," he said. "There are so many clothes that are cool that are in vintage shops and it's just about wearing them."



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