Motorola Razr is a foldable flip phone like you've never seen before

There's a new foldable phone in town. The Motorola Razr challenges Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Huawei's Mate X when it comes to how a foldable design could look and here’s how:

Unlike the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, Motorola's Razr folds from top to bottom, which gives it a shorter crease in its plastic screen (sorry, there's no such thing as foldable glass quite yet).

Compare the Razr's short horizontal seam, left, with the Galaxy Fold's taller screen crease.

Folding the phone this way makes for a smaller device to carry around.

Here's how the Razr looks fully extended and in its box (the stand incorporates speakers, too).

The business end of the phone in its 6.2-inch plastic OLED screen.

The Razr sits tall and narrow in the hand, but Motorola has put the most important apps at the bottom, well within reach.

It opens fully flat, without a bend.

Closed up, it should fit into most pockets.

This foldable screen brings Motorola's iconic Razr brand into the modern day.



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