New York Museum Turns Over Possible Nazi-Looted Art to FBI and Other Art Headlines


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Suspected Nazi-Looted Painting Turned Over to FBI by New York Museum

According to the FBI, Gari Melchers’s painting Winter, which was in the collection of the Arkell Museum in New York, was allegedly looted by the Nazis from Jewish media mogul Rudolf Mosse. In the United States, a thief cannot convey good title to stolen goods, not even to a good faith purchaser for value. The museum willingly turned over the painting to the FBI and the museum director expressed a desire to hold a return ceremony next year.

The Art Newspaper: FBI recovers painting suspected as Nazi loot from US museum

Another Forged Rothko? Hollywood Film Executive Files $10 Million Lawsuit

Hollywood film executive Ron Meyer filed suit against two art dealers he claims tricked him into buying what he now believes is a forged Mark Rothko painting. Meyer’s suit makes claims for fraud and breach of warranty and alternatively rescission and a full refund of the funds paid for the painting. Meyer seeks $10 million in damages, which is the amount the Complaint suggests the painting would be worth today if it were authentic.

The Art Newspaper: Hollywood executive Ron Meyer files $10m lawsuit over alleged forged Rothko

MIT Researchers Test and Validate da Vinci’s Bridge Plans

Researchers at MIT recreated Leonardo da Vinci’s 1502 design plan for the never-constructed parabolic-arch bridge to connect Istanbul with the city of Galata. The research verified that the plans would have worked if the bridge had been built, making it the longest bridge in the world 10 times over.

Artnet News: Researchers Tested a 500-Year-Old Bridge Concept by Leonardo to See If His Revolutionary Design Would Work. It Did

Yayoi Kusama Works with Balloon Specialists to Create Floating Art Display “Love Flies Up to the Sky” for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Artist Yayoi Kusama has joined forces with a balloon design team to create a 30-foot long balloon piece for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The piece will feature a sun-like figure from Kusama’s “My Eternal Soul” paintings and include her trademark polka dots and tentacles.



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