Nike Kyrie 6 “Chinese New Year” Gets Alternate Colorway With Icy Straps

The current apple of Nike’s basketball-shaped eyes, the Kyrie 6 continues to release colorway after another, some obviously more special than others, but with the arrival of this silhouette’s “Aunt Pearl” tooling, it’s growing harder and harder to best in eclecticism alone. Despite that, the recently revealed “Chinese New Year” colorway — which is the second yet — puts up a decent fight, forgoing hits of pink for more auspicious arrangements of gold and red in honor of the cultural holiday’s many nuanced conventions. Tumbled leather uppers take on the much brighter hue, garnishing it with swooshes darkened and outlined by violet thread, linings of a somewhat faded blue/green, and laces looping through in a much more saturated purple; this, then, leads down to what is arguably the most standout feature: the strap whose icy fixtures warps and shapes into various insignia. Underneath, dressed on a much rougher textile, is a striking wallpaper-like arrangements of shapes, florals, fireworks, and everything of the sort done to push good luck into the Year of the Rat. Grab a detailed look at these right here, and if you’re interested in picking these up, they’ll likely be coming around during the early months of 2020.



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