Noah NYC Delivers 'St. Michael the Archangel-Inspired Fall 2020 Collection

NOAH has unveiled its St. Michael inspired Varsity Jacket and Zippo. Dubbed “St. Michael At The Last Judgement,” NOAH, this season, has imagined a heavy print that explores the nostalgic styles of streetwear and religion, like embedding the Archangel Michael on a the back of a varsity jacket and wooden zippo lighter.

The jacket is dominated by sapphire pink virgin wool, with NOAH’s black logo that’s stamped on the chest. Another highlight is the vibrant St. Michael stamped in the center back piece. “NOAH” branding is emblazoned across the jacket’s left wrist, complemented by contrasting black stripes along the arm as well as on the left arm of the Jacket.

NOAH's new drop is currently available on the label’s website, for $748 USD. Grab a closer look at the new drop below.



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