One of Kobe Bryant‘s NBA Championship Rings Fetches $206K at Auction

A 14K gold and diamond ring Kobe Bryant gifted his mother after winning his first NBA Championship has sold at auction for $206,080.

Following his 1999/2000 NBA Championship win with the Lakers, Bryant had two commemorative rings issued, one for each of his parents. The ring for his mother, Pam Bryant, was crafted to fit a 8 ½ ring size and weighs 32.9-gram.

The piece contains 40 diamonds and bears the Lakers logo in purple, as well as the words “World Champions,” “Bryant” and “Bling Bling” which are carved around the exterior.

In 2013, Bryant and Gilden’s Auction House reached a deal after his parents attempted to sell a collection of “rare Kobe Bryant memorabilia” which included the valuable item.

The dispute was settled out of court and the auction house agreed to sell just 10% of the items originally intended for auction. The items were sold to a collector as a package for $280,000.

Seven years later, and after 20-bids, Pam Bryant’s ring sold to a private collector for $206,080. According to TMZ, the ring Kobe gifted his father Joe could go on sale soon, too.



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