PlayStation 5 reveal date news: Is there a clue in Shuhei Yoshida's expert trolling

The PlayStation 5 console still hasn’t been officially revealed to the world yet, and fans are now looking for any possible clue as to when the date of the first unveiling could be. Two new suggestions have been offered up, although one of them is actually a component of a somewhat brutal tease by SIE’s Head of Independent Developer Initiative, Shuhei Yoshida.

The marketing heads at PlayStation must be overjoyed by the amount of anticipation that has been created by the expected reveal date of the PlayStation 5. There have been guesses galore at what the magical date could be, where we all hope beyond hope that the PS5 will look nothing like the notorious devkits (judging by history, it shouldn’t). Now we have two more potential reveal dates, although one of them ended up being just a bit of first-class executive trolling.

A luckless fan asked Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Shuhei Yoshida a simple question: “Please, Shuhei, where is PS5?” Yoshida responded with an image, which judging by its response on websites such as Reddit, had potential future PS5 owners temporarily bamboozled. If glanced at quickly, the picture (see below) appears to give away February 20 as the reveal date for the PS5. However, a proper look shows “P5S” as in the upcoming game Persona 5 Scramble, which is scheduled for release in Japan on February 20. PS5 reveal date chances? Not likely.

However, SegmentNext has put forward a stronger candidate for the PS5 reveal date – February 27 to March 1. So it’s more “dates” than an exact date, but there is a good argument for the PS5 to turn up at some point in this period. These are the dates that the gaming-related event PAX East takes place, and if you look through the list of confirmed exhibitors you will find PlayStation listed. There have been rumors that the PS5 reveal event could take place in March anyway, with pre-orders for the console supposedly beginning in the same month.




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