Pretzel M&M’s are making their way to Australian supermarkets

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Get ready to gobble down a new flavour of M&M’s as they’ve announced that our fellow Australian’s will soon be able to get our mitts on pretzel flavoured M&M’s.

A long-time staple to America, these sweet and salty little treats have been finding their way into suitcases every time Australians come back from the U.S. until now Australians won’t have to waste their precious baggage allowance weight on them anymore, as they’ll simply be able to walk down to Coles to snap up a packet.

Just imagine – if you’re a fan of the sweet and savoury combo, then you won’t have to purchase both a packet of plain M&M’s and a package of pretzels to have to mix them together in a bowl, because they’ll be already mixed together in a convenient little morsel, covered in chocolate and candy coating, just like we like our M&M’s to be.

Keen to get your mitts on a package of these bad boys? Pretzel M&M’s will be hitting the shelves at Coles starting on Monday, July 13th, and will be popping into Woolies later on in July, and they’re only going to run you $4.50 per bag. Not as big on M&M’s? Besides all the terrible things that have gone on this year, it’s at least been a good year for chocolate, with Cadbury announcing the return of their Caramilk Bar, plus announcing a new flavour of Birthday Cake Marvellous Creations. Whichever flavour you fancy the most, this era of isolation has been also the era of endless snacking while we stress eat from being worried about the world, so you snack on whatever makes you feel okay, because we all know we need a little bit of comfort these days.



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