Quando Rondo Drops Off New Single "Depression"

Quremains an exciting young rapper to watch, especially as he continues to pen emotional street bangers like his latest drop "Depression." Off the bat, the title makes it clear that we're in for a rough ride, and Quando wastes little time in setting the tone. "Bank account on overload but I'm still broken spirit," he admits. "Depression what he suffer from, same words from Doctor Henry." As the track progresses, Rondo's confessions get deeper, highlighting his self-destructive coping mechanisms and crippling paranoia.

While it's not always easy hearing a rapper spill their pain on wax, it certainly enhances Rondo's reputation as a straight shooter, one who isn't afraid to express vulnerability. He also happens to have a strong ear for beat-selection, pairing his reflection over a melancholic instrumental from Adamslides and JCOnDaBeat. Check it out for yourself now, and sound off -- do you think Quando Rondo is one of the best new artists in the game? 



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