Ricardo Cavolo Releases Limited Edition 'Amulet of Hope'

Although he’s known for his mind-bending paintings, illustrations, and murals that merge pop culture imagery with traditional folk art references, the Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo also lends his creative energy to diverse creative projects such as jewelry design. Cavolo recently announced a new collaboration with expert jeweler Joel Muller. The partnered offering consists of a silver amulet handmade in Montreal that features an engraving of the artist’s familiar sunrise motif. The chain extends up to 23 inches and is outfitted with a smiley tag.

“Since I was a kid I was obsessed with amulets. Fantastic tales were full of them, most of my favorite heroes and heroines carried an object with a special power. I loved the idea of having an object with almost magical properties to help you create good energy around yourself, I still believe in this today,” said Cavolo in a statement. “A few years ago, while I was walking in a very dark tunnel (my darkest one), the image of a Sunrise materialized into my mind, it grew brighter and clear and it became my beacon of hope, the light I needed to find a way out. Now, the sunrise is tattooed on my neck so I can see it every single morning and become stronger and more positive. This year I wanted to create an object with that same hopeful energy, as a reminder that light exists, and can be summoned even in the darkest path.”

Get a closer look at the Amulet of Hope above and expect a release on Ricardo Cavolo’s web shop on December 10.



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