Rise of sustainable fashion: Kanye West unveils new Yeezy Clogs featuring algae-based foam

The rapper-turned-fashion mogul took the stage at the Fast Company Innovation Festival to show off his latest creation and upcoming plans. By now, most of us have seen the polarizing Yeezy Clog thanks to numerous leaks online. But Kanye West has finally revealed the silhouette in greater detail at the Fast Company Innovation Festival. While the peculiar design has garnered some flak on social media, the latest unveiling might just help to shift opinions.

And the Yeezy Clog’s earth-conscious construction appears to only be the beginning as Kanye plans on exploring alternatives to harmful dyes as well. Steven Smith, head designer at Yeezy also echoed the same sentiments. “Eco-concerns are intersecting with what we do. This is just the beginning of the future that Kanye envisioned for us to start working on,” he said.

Has your opinion on the Yeezy Clog changed with this latest development? Drop a comment below.



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