Sculpted Bio-Materials Form The Tarform Luna Electric Motorcycle

Chiselled yet embedded with super technologies, the Tarform Luna Electric Motorcycle honors the past but embraces the future, specifically that of alternative forms of eco-friendly transport. From bio-materials to over-the-air updates, these innovations are enhanced to create empowering, free and sustainable experiences whilst design – importantly the spirit of craftsmanship – unites all these elements together in an exquisite model.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Tarform is guided by three key principles: designed to embrace change with a modular platform that enables continuous upgrades of parts and appearance; technology that empowers to learn and provide meaningful insight for the rider; and care for our environment through the use of natural high performance bio-materials.

The Tarform Luna is said to have the ‘tall stance of a scrambler, the acceleration of a sportbike, and the comfortable all-round balance of a british classic’. Its highly sculptural bodywork is made from flax seed weave, which, as a mono-material infused with algae- and iron-based metallic pigments, can be left bare without the need for harmful paint or primers. These surfaces reinforce the bike’s composite panel construction and 100% recyclable aluminum components. Its flush seat is upholstered from biodegradable vegan leather. As well as the bodywork being able to be changed to match different styles, the electric motorcycle’s technology can also be continuously updated. The battery pack can be upgraded over time as technology improves. Likewise, software can be updated over air to ensure a smarter ride. It integrates advanced innovations across its design, including a rear facing camera and a radar which detects and alerts the rider to their blindspot by vibrating the seat. Their accompanying mobile app lends insight into journeys to help you be a better, safer and more efficient rider.




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