Supreme Teamed With Mac Tools on a Rolling Toolbox for Some Reason

Supreme, Mac Tools, and alcohol. What do these three things have in common? Absolutely nothing. Or maybe they do? Supreme recently slapped its logo on Mac's T5025P Tech Series Workstation, which takes care of two of those three things—and we have an idea how to tie in the third.

Of course, this is only the most recent example of Supreme collaborating with a more industrial brand on a product launch; the Supreme X SOG hand axe and the Supreme-labeled Victorinox Alox Knife are among other examples. Indeed, the famous (or infamous) New York-based skateboard and clothing company has a history of decontextualizing goods from their traditional use cases or, at minimum, exposing the trendy consumers of Supreme-branded items to brands they might not otherwise see.

This workstation is the perfect example of the Supreme mantra at work, as it was never intended to be used by, say, an SAE-certified mechanic. And unless you happen to fall into the miniscule middle space on the car enthusiast/Supreme fan Venn diagram, the T5025P workbench probably isn't for you, either. Instead, we suggest buyers of the workstation keep with the Supreme tradition of buying a thing to use it improperly. The Mac Tools T5025P by itself is a fine product, but when the Supreme logo is applied, more offbeat uses of the workbench must be considered.

It isn't just a place for your tools. It's a place for anything and everything, including your cable-knit sweaters, your skate deck parts, and—yes—your booze. Supreme didn't make a sweet-looking mechanic's workstation, it made a mega bar cart. The 16-gauge steel unit with its 10 drawers, spring-loaded wheels with top-locking brakes, and heavy-duty vinyl mat at the top is perfect for mixing drinks (and flexing on your friends).



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