Take a Full Look at the new WOCKIET brand 'Collection' for Fall 2020

WOCKIET 'Collection' Fall 2020

The newly 2020 launched brand WOCKIET has just delivered some new flavors for their first Fall 2020 collection, which brings a load of streetwear designs in a variety of tasteful patterns and textures.

The collection inspires straight-out classics while focusing down on a clean-all-white luxury look. American knits, crop-top shirts and tees, elegant shirts, classic hoodies, creative pull-ups and classic logo T-shirts are some of the stand out pieces in this hard new range of luxury streetwear.

WOCKIET’s Fall 2020 collection is available to cop right from the label’s store on THEREWXNDZ Shop.

Get a closer look at the standout pieces from WOCKIET’s Fall 2020 range below.



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