The 5G Unmanned Store That Won Oustanding Store Design For The Post-Pandemic World

The World Retail Awards (as part of the World Retail Congress) has just wrapped up this year’s winners, with Singaporean telecoms company Singtel and its ‘Unboxed’ unmanned store taking home the award for most Outstanding Store Design. The World Retail Awards has been long established since 2007, highlighting the most visionary retailers that set the scene and inspire the rest of the industry.

Singtel unveiled its unmanned pop-up store last year to digitize and make its services accessible 24/7. With a variety of services, consumers can interact with Singtel staff through a roving live robot and receive personalized recommendations. A range of phones are available to test on the spot and can also sign up for phone plans through video-assisted self-service kiosks, otherwise, pick up their online orders within the store itself. Additional services such as bill payments, prepaid card top-up, SIM card replacements can all be conducted in the Unboxed pop-up store. 

Designed by Fitch, the 45 square meter store is modular and moveable, whereby the pop-up store can be easily transported to fit different spaces. The Unboxed store will move to new locations every few months to serve customers in high traffic areas, such as transport hubs and school campuses.



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