The adidas ZX8000 Appears In A Multi-Colored Mix Akin To The Oddity Series

Ever since they brought back the ZX8000, adidas has proffered a vast range of nostalgia inducing pairs, with colors either borrowing from the OGs or spinning off the ZX silhouettes adjacent. And as we enter Spring/Summer, the retro model is running through a lens of vibrant pastels in what could only be reference to the Oddity Pack from years back. As such, the color blocking is aggressive, switching up rapidly as it transitions from panel to panel. Three Stripes hits at the side make use of dark and light cool tones alike, adding two-part contrast to a range of orange and pink whose fabrics take on a subtly distressed suede and smooth nylon, respectively. At the toe cap, heel wrap, and eye stay, however, a faint yellow adheres in a sturdy leather in a fashion that creates further physical and tonal dimension alongside the pronounced aqua heel counter. Grab a detailed look at these here and find them at right now.



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