The Gun That Shoots Masks onto People’s Faces

We do not support any form of gun violence, but when it comes to remaining COVID-safe, we’re inclined to pull the trigger on this one. YouTuber Allen Pan is the mastermind behind a pneumatic launcher that shoots masks on to people faces. Showing off the mask launcher on Hunting Beach in southern California, Allen wondered to himself, what could possibly go wrong by using such a device within an area infamous for its anti-mask mentality.

In a video full of hilarious references, in addition to some pretty impressive tips and tricks about projectiles, Allen ends up with an Alien meets Steampunk looking device. While he had considered doing a more educational video regarding the safety and science behind mask-wearing with “a flamethrower on mouth.” But instead of stepping on the toes of “so many smart people,” he’s given us this.

Fixing four magnets to the facemask straps, when fired the strings will tangle together on impact with a maskless individual. Complete with laser-guided assistance, the first test was successful, if not a bit of a fluke. Ironing out some strangulation-errors, Allen tested the device on himself before taking it outside to “go shoot some people.”

Looking for locals willing to be shot in the face for the sake of public health, Allen had to deal with technical difficulties and issues with the weather, before he could even test it out on the allegedly anti-mask public. Despite the stereotype associated with the area, Allen noticed several people wearing masks, thinking that “maybe, just maybe people are starting to understand.”

“It turns out people here might be more on the same page than I thought they would.” So instead of going hunting, Allen goes focus-group testing. Citing his initial reasons for creating the device, Allen complained that the world does not consider facts anymore. “This is a world of opinion and emotion,” he said. “And if there’s one thing that coronavirus protesters actually care about, it’s the Second Amendment. Guns.”

In response, one lucky mask-launcher tester said, “if we’re allowed to use the second amendment to protect ourselves” then they’re are down with Allen’s latest invention. While another tester acknowledged that the Founding Fathers probably didn’t intend for this kind of application of the Bill of Rights. Regardless she said, “I love your interpretation.”



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