The Last Airbender is Seconds Away From Becoming The First Show On Netflix To Achieve This Milestone

Something big happened today on Netflix NFLX -0.3%. But even if you perused Netflix’s Top 10, you probably didn’t take notice of it—and I don’t blame you. Avatar: The Last Airbender rounded out the daily list for TV shows in the #10 position. Which means it was the 10th-most popular show yesterday on Netflix.

So what, right?

Wrong. Because that is actually the show’s 57th consecutive appearance on Netflix’s daily list—something only one other show has done. So if Avatar can hold onto that streak for just one more day, then it’ll stand apart from every other show on Netflix.

With that 57th consecutive appearance, Avatar tied Ozark for the record. That means both of those shows have put together longer streaks than binge-worthy behemoths like Tiger King, 13 Reasons Why, Dead to Me and Space Force.

Here are the current ten longest streaks:

Ozark - 57 days

Avatar: The Last Airbender - 57 days

Outer Banks - 51 days

Tiger King - 50 days

All American - 42 days

Love is Blind - 39 days

Space Force - 34 days

Dead to Me - 32 days

13 Reasons Why - 28 days

Money Heist - 24 days

As you can see, there’s a gigantic difference between the top two shows and the rest of the pack. No show has been able to sustain as long of a run as either Ozark or Avatar.

And certainly no television show outside of Netflix’s control has been able to keep this up for this long. On that list, you’ll only find two shows that weren’t produced by Netflix: Money Heist and Avatar. Which probably explains why Netflix is developing a live-action version of the famed animated series that premiered all its episodes on Nickelodeon between 2005 and 2008.

In the grand Top 10 rankings (you can read more about the points system here), Avatar ranks as the fourth-most-popular show on Netflix since the Daily Top 10 was introduced back in late February. Since the famed animated series’ Netflix debut on on May 18, Avatar: The Last Airbender has accrued 334 points—which ranks only behind Tiger King (387 points), Ozark (377 points) and Outer Banks (356 points).

While Avatar hasn’t accrued as many points as those Netflix projects, the series has consistently ranked highly since its premiere. In May, the show ranked third amongst all shows on Netflix with 123 points (behind Dead to Me and Outer Banks) and spent its first five days atop the Daily Top 10 list; in June, Avatar ranked third once again with 162 points (behind 13 Reasons Why and Space Force); and currently Avatar ranks sixth in the month of July with 49 points.

However, July has been the worst month for the show yet. For the 14 days the show was eligible for the Daily Top 10 in May, Avatar averaged 8.79 points per day of the maximum possible 10. That average then dipped down to 5.4 points per day in June, and has now lowered even further to 3.77 points per day.

Still, if the beloved cartoon can hold onto that Top 10 ranking for just one more day—even in the #10 position—then it will achieve a milestone that no other show on Netflix can match.



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