The Nike Kobe AD NXT Releases On August 24th

Kobe Bryant‘s demands for performance from his footwear are the stuff of legend, and even though he’s retired from the game, his quest for sneaker perfection lives on through his signature Nike line, the latest model of which is this Nike Kobe AD NXT. You can’t be nicknamed the “Mamba” unless you’re just as fast and deadly as the lethal snakes, so Bryant’s new shoes are all about speed and quickness. Combining the Air Jordan 33‘s FastFit system for lockdown with QuadFit for adaptive support and React foam for plush cushioning without added bulk, these new Kobe ADs are essentially the sports car seat of basketball footwear: they offer complete comfort and control, no matter how rapid the game’s tempo may become.

Eagle-eyed connoisseurs of Kobe’s Nike shoes may notice some design cues from past models, and even the most casual fan will see that the inner workings of the shoe are visible through the translucent midfoot swoosh. This soul-baring ethos is entirely intentional. “We wanted to show the heart and soul of Nike — our capacity to put together systems,” says Ross Klein, the senior creative director of Nike Basketball footwear. “The design of this shoe shows off all the pieces; the ingredients are critical. We want people to see the elements that work together within the machine.” Klein is effusive in his praise for the technical element of the AD NXT as well, quipping that “It is our most technologically advanced basketball shoe we’ve done in the KOBE line, due to the combination of complex components.” In short, no matter if you’re a weekend warrior or a high-level hooper, Kobe’s newest kicks are perfect for you. They’ll debut on for $200 USD come August 24th, so enjoy a full look directly below while you wait.




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