The Prada adidas Shoe And Bag Bundle Is Priced At $3,170

Earlier this week, adidas officially announced a collaborative partnership with Italian fashion house Prada, revealing a limited-edition Superstar and Bowling Bag – two catalog lynchpins of each respective brand. Just 700 individually numbered units of the shoes and accessory are said to be in circulation, with adidas revealing a look at the serial number engraving on the medial heel overlay. Furthermore, adidas has announced a December 4th release date, with the product being available exclusively through the online retail channels of both brands.

According to a brand source, the Prada for adidas Limited Edition bundle (both the shoe and the bag) will retail for around $3,170. A high retail price was to be expected considering the Bowling Bag typically retails in the low-to-mid $2,000 range, and given the expected meticulous craftsmanship and relative rarity of the Superstar, a $500-700 pricepoint wouldn’t be alarming. The source also confirms that a white, black, and silver version of a Prada x adidas sneaker will release in March 2020 (possibly a Superstar or potentially a different model). We’ll update you when we learn more on the Prada adidas shoes, so stay tuned.



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