The UK Hosts Test Event for 3,000 Clubbers

The United Kingdom hosted its first two-day test event in Liverpool, England, the first legal nightclub night in UK in over a year.

The first two trail nights where held at Bramley-Moore Warehouse, where attendees dod not need to wear mask or social distance themselves from one another. "The First Dance," organized by Circus, allowed 3,000 ticket-holders to the event at Bramley-Moore Dock Warehouse, providing they show proof of a negative COVID-19 test before entry.

Liverpool's Director of Public Health Professor Matt Ashton, conducted a safety check to assure all the require COVID-Safety measures inside and outside the event are in place. According to Anja Popp, "The event is a government-backed pilot to see if they can get this staple of youth culture back up and running after 14 months of forced hibernation."




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