Tiffany Bleu, Zaytoven’s Down-to-Earth Prodigy, Dives Beneath the Surface With ‘It’s Deeper Than’ EP

Last week, Tiffany Bleu released her introspective EP debut, It’s Deeper Than…, available to stream and download on all major platforms. Zaytoven’s trap and blues wunderkind shows us just how deep she can go with 9 original songs and no project features. The trap-hop princess hopes to bring back that good ol’ R&B back into the mix.

“I wrote all of these songs and my sister, she sings as well but she won’t do it seriously, really helped me zone in on the best of some of them. I wrote from my own experience and the experiences of people that I know and Zay put it all together to make something really amazing,” she said.

The entire EP was recorded over a 30 day time period. “It was so organic. Zay created the beat while we were in the studio together and a few songs on this project just came out of the moment. I came up with some of these right off the top, right then and there.  So this project comes from a special place,” Tiffany added. “I think it shows my fan base a different side of who Tiffany Bleu is…more of my softer side.  My first project released with Zay was more on the edgy side, you know, like rap-singing.  This one really allows me to show people my vocals and that I can really sing versus sing-rapping.”

The R&B jewel of the south sought out to put her life experiences to music and ended up building a mature introduction to her vibe like a music industry debutante. “When recording I don’t think I even thought it through that far. I did what felt good to me, I did what felt good to my soul. I did what I thought my fans would appreciate and gravitate to.”

While recording, Zaytoven helped Tiffany learn how to trust the process and fall deeper into her creativity. “The biggest challenge was allowing myself to be open and vulnerable. I’m honestly a very private person but on this EP, I talked about a lot of personal things and that was huge for me. And while I’m dealing with the pressure of working on all this personal stuff, Zay is used to working at a certain pace when in the studio, because he’s been doing this for so long. So it’s like… when recording, he encouraged me to stop doubting myself and just allow myself to create and choose the best pieces that come out of that freedom. That was such a big challenge, but I learned to just trust how I feel and go with it and use what I want when I’m done.”

Click above to listen to It’s Deeper Than… on any platform you choose and click below to watch the video for the single, “Realize”. If you’re in Atlanta,  get ready for the It’s Deeper Than… EP Release Party at Elleven45 Restaurant and Lounge on Tuesday, September 29th!



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