Tiger King Puzzle Brings Home the Madness

Get ready to experience a bit of your own murder, mayhem, and madness with the Tiger King puzzle from Smith Street Books. The true-crime docu-series that followed the life of Joe Exotic and his band of big cat conservationists now has its own time-killer.

We all remember where we were when Tiger King first dropped. Described as a “bizarre true crime story you have to see to believe”, the Netflix series captivated us all. As we all prepare for a second lockdown, you can put the pieces together on the Tiger King mystery while you put the pieces together of Joe Exotic and the gang. The 500 piece puzzle features an illustration by Chantel de Sousa, which depicts a collage of characters like Exotic and his three husbands, zookeepers Saff and John, Carole Baskin and her husband Howard, as well as Jeff Lowe and Doc Antle.

If Tiger King isn’t your favourite, then you can browse the other puzzles that Smith Street Books offers. You’ll find plenty of other options like The Office, Friends, and The Golden Girls. Or you can put together a puzzle depicting icons from the ‘90s, or music stars like David Bowie. Not looking for a puzzle? Then you might consider the Will & Grace or Seinfield playing cards. Everything is reasonably priced—the Tiger King retails at AUD$29.99. Whatever your fancy, you can find something that will keep you busy, even if it is murder, mayhem, and madness.



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