Tjukapati James Explores the Role of Desert Creatures in new "TJANPI Desert Weaver" Sculptures

Tjukapati has teamed up with their Tjanpi artists to host a new exhibition of “TJANPI DESERT WEAVERS.” The presentation features new weavings and sculptures by a group of leading international women artists such as Sally Foster, Roma Nyutjangka Butler, Janet Forbes, Judy Martin, among others. The pieces displayed explore the various roles of desert animals through a distinct context and formation of dry grass.

“The sculptures showcases real-life-like woven creatures from a three dimensional prospective. The

highlights of the exhibition include Sally Foster’s Kamula Tjanpi (wild harvested grass) with wool & raffia, as well as Roma Nyutjangka Butler’s Kangaroo Tjanpi (dry grass) and raffia.

Take a look at the installation views for “TJANPI DESERT WEAVERS” above and then head to Tjukapati’s website to learn more.



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