Tony Hawk Will Teach You to Skateboard In His New Online Class

Over the last couple of months, as states locked down to fight COVID-19, people have been big on saying you should learn something with your "extra" time inside. Almost all of the suggestions involved you keeping things pretty mellow. Learn to weave baskets, they might say. Read more books, play some new video games, make bread, or binge a new show on Netflix.

However, just because we're still practicing social distancing doesn't mean you aren't allowed to move your body, and it doesn't mean that learning something new has to be a sedentary activity. Tony Hawk is joining Masterclass, the online learning platform, and he will teach you how to skateboard.

While it's not all that expensive, the classes don't come free. To access the new class announced on June 4, you'll have to subscribe to Masterclass, which hosts classes taught by notable experts in their field. For instance, you could learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay or filmmaking from Martin Scorsese. The subscription is only available annually for $15/month, and it doesn't offer a free trial. However, it does have a "30-day guarantee." If you subscribe, you can cancel for a full refund within 30 days.

Hawk's class is geared for anyone interested in skateboarding, including those who've never been on a board before. "Hawk starts with the basics in park, street, and vert," the announcement says. Let no one tell you that you're too old to learn to skateboard. The stares you get from the neighbors as you take your first spill will actually be their jealousy simmering under the surface.



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